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Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (Rescheduled.)-Product list


Product list

  • Brittleness Temperature Tester

    Description:This tester is designed for determining the brittleness temperature of plastics or vulcanized rubber.

  • Melt Flow Indexer

    Description:The GT-7100-MIBH is designed to determine the melt flow behavior of thermoplastics. It is suitable for materials having flow rate between 0.15 and 900g/10min.

  • HDT/VICAT Tester

    Description:HV-3000-P3C is a floor model HDT/VICAT tester. It is designed to measure heat deflection temperature and VICAT softening temperature for evaluation of thermal property of plastic materials. With a built in water chiller, the oil bath can be cooled down faster and easier without connecting to an external water supply. This tester features high precision temperature ramp rate control. LVDT sensor is used on each station to ensure high accuracy of deflection measurement. The HDT software of HV-3000-P3C comes with many convenient and flexible features. The operator can easily monitor real-time graph, start cooling, modify test condition and edit test report in a few simple steps. Moreover, our HDT software can automatically calculate required loading weight based on specified test conditions and save test result.

  • Polymer PVT tester

    Description:PVT-6000 is used to analyze the specific volume of plastics as a function of temperature and pressure in both the molten and solid states. During the PVT test, the polymer is formed through constant or stepwise pressure and temperature to determine its specific volume. The PVT data is then applied to mold flow analysis to simulate the accuracy and stability of injection molding. Once the injection molding is optimized, as a result, not only the working efficiency and quality of polymer production are increased, but also the defects during injection molding process, such as, shrinkage, sink marks and warpage are reduced and eliminated.

  • Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machine

    Description:DF-8000 dynamic fatigue testing machine is widely used for determining the durability of materials as metal, plastic, rubber and complex stuff. Utilize the cyclic tensile, compression or flexure strain under specified load, stroke and frequency to evaluate the material's service life cycle. This tester is driven by hydraulic power system. The actuator can be operated with various frequency and amplitude in order to perform tensile and compression fatigue test. DF-8000 dynamic fatigue testing machine is equipped with the high-speed controller and professional program. It is capable of generating waveforms such as sine, square and triangular or the waveform defined by users themselves. User is allowed to set up a test through the professional program with a variety of test method and condition to analyze the physical properties and quality of different materials.

  • Pendulum Impact Tester

    Description:GT-7045-ALN is designed for measuring the impact resistance of plastic material by CHARPY and IZOD test. This ideal instrument is capable of recognizing the height loss of swinging pendulum and determining the impact strength quickly and accurately via high precision digital encoder and calculating system. In combination with automation features, GT-7045-ALN applies pendulum auto- braking, pendulum auto-lifting and pendulum auto-identification to ensure the operator_s safety and increase the working efficiency of impact test.   Features:   -Conforms to ISO-179, ISO-80,ASTM-D256,ASTM-D6110,    GB/T-1043B and GB/T-1843.   -Capable of performing both Charpy and Izod test.   -Provides various units of measurement in Metric, English    and International system.   -Able to identify the capacity and model of the mounted    pendulum (up to 10 pendulums can be recognized).   -With pendulum auto-braking and lifting features ,the    swinging pendulum can be stopped after specimen failure    and raised to the original position automatically.

  • Ozone Tester

    Description:The OZ-0500AC ozone tester is designed to estimate the resistance of materials to ozone exposure. This machine is equipped with UV absorption based analyzer which ensures accurate ozone concentration measurement.

  • Flexometer

    Description:The RHU-3000N is designed to determine the fatigue characteristics and rate of heat generation of vulcanized rubber with hardness less than 85 IRHD when subjected to dynamic compressive strain. The RHU-3000N can generate rapidly oscillating compressive stresses on test specimen at a controlled temperature within specified time.

  • MFP-3D Infinity AFM

    Description:The MFP-3D Infinity™ is the flagship and highest-performing member of the MFP-3D AFM family. Infinity has the widest range of imaging modes and accessories, with renowned versatility, powerful capabilities, and a system architecture ready for future expansion. The MFP-3D Infinity will make your routine imaging tasks even easier and faster to complete while also supporting your most ambitious projects. 1. Stunning high performance. 2. Widest range of options and modes to turn your ideas into results. 3. Simple to use without sacrificing flexibility. 4.Support that our users routinely cite as best in the industry.

  • Level Switches

    Description:The liquid-level switch is composed of a magnetic reed switch and a float. When the float moves up and down with the level of the liquid in the container, when it passes the preset height alarm point, the magnetic reed switch is triggered and the electronic alarm signal is activated, and the liquid-level is detected. There are top-mounted and side-mounted versions.