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Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (Rescheduled.)-Product list


Product list

  • Meltblown Non-Woven Fabric Production Lines SCP-MB1600

    Description:Through the plate extruder, the molten molecules are squeezed into the high-speed hot air flow, then the polymer melt is spun out through the spinneret of the ultra-fine nozzle to form extremely fine fibers and blow it horizontally onto the drum or vertically to the collector filtered nets. They are stacked into a superfine fiber network structure. The ultra-fine fibers of melt-blown non-woven fabrics are ideal for composite products that require filterability, shielding, thermal insulation, and oil absorption, such as mask materials, air, liquid filter materials, thermal insulation materials, insulation materials, sound insulation materials, environmentally friendly oil absorption materials, wipe cloth and other fields. No matter what type of product you want to produce: we will assure providing you with the best quality technical services and equipment. Extremely high filterability, shielding, heat insulation and adsorption, we provide this technology for all industries. You will be able to produce meltblown non-woven fabrics suitable for your application.

  • Precision Medical Tube Machine Line

    Description:The most important concept of this machine is having better performance without occupying spaces. Normally, a plastic extrusion line is a combination of 4_5 machines which has space requirement in order to contain. However, spacing issue is certainly a concern for medical equipment manufacturer due to the cost to maintain the cleanroom and afford the space. The concept of our machine design is to unify machines into a single and smaller unit. The size of the machine will be more compact which can easily remove the concern, save the space of cleanroom. In addition, since all machines work as one, the precision is controlled efficiently.

  • High Precision Guidewire Extrusion Equipment


  • All-Electric Injection Molding Machine (CT-e Series)

    Description:The extreme motion control technology and European servo system, make injection accuracy up to 0.01mm. Tie bars are not held by platen to reduce pollution, abrasion and power consumption, which is suitable for medical products. Parallel movement of ejector on fly is standard, effectively shorten the cycle time. Intelligent mold clamp low-pressure protection, reduce the risk of mold crush. The applicable industries include packaging, optical element, and medical appliance, etc.

  • whole new medical sterilization pouch / reel / header bag making machine

    Description:Global demand for medical packaging continues to grow, quality standard expected of the sterilized pouches/reels also set to increase and become more stringent. HCI is aware of this trend and has since collaborated with MNCs to make critical changes to its medical pouch making machine to meet this new standard. More operator oriented features, stable and reliable machine with more precise temperature control are the key. A new “FSC-V” is recently launched, capable of making different type of regular sterilized pouches/reels and header bags.

  • Blown Film Machine for PE Glove

    Description:POLYSTAR's Blown Film Machine for PE Glove is designed for flexible packaging industry. It offers an economic alternative and has a much faster return on investment comparing to a blown film machine installed with internal bubble cooling system (IBC). In POLYSTAR's Blown Film Machine for PE Glove, 1 die head can reach much higher output with a bigger extruder (such as 65mm or 75mm in diameter) even when producing smaller width film. It is especially effective for T-shirt bag makers who are looking for machine with higher output but lower cost. Find more information on:

  • Blown Machine for PE Medical Bag

    Description:POLYSTAR's Blown Machine for PE Medical Bag is designed for flexible packaging industry. It is a simple design flexible machine that can produce HDPE or LDPE film, by simply changing the die head and air ring. POLYSTAR's Blown Machine for PE Medical Bag is suitable for PE medical bag or general packaging products, such as vest bags, supermarket bags, flat bags and many others. With minimalist design and high efficiency production capacity. Find more information on:

  • Soft tube & medical hose Extrusion

    Description:1. Producing medical PVC soft tubes 2. The production line include Extruder, cooling water tank, haul-off & cutting machine 3. Laser Micrometer for measuring tube's O.D. 4. Product discharge collector 4.

  • Medical Corrugated / Collapsible Tube Extrusion Line- Vertical Type Corrugator

    Description:1. Automatic Line for producing medical corrugated & collapsible tubes. 2. Extruder 3. Vertical Type Corrugator - 3M/4M/6M (oil stain free on tubes) 4. Pinhole detector + Haul-off Machine (can detect pinhole on the tubes) 5. CCD Auto Cutting Machine (can cut both corrugated / collapsible tubes) 6. Auto Classifier (can classify three types lengths)

  • MEDICAL-Machines for clean room production

    Description:WITTMANN BATTENFELD injection molding machines are targeted to a minimal emission level as standard. Clamping units with lubrication-free tie-bars, encapsulated drive systems and an easy-to-clean mold space with smooth surfaces provide favorable conditions for contamination-free components production. For manufacturing in a controlled clean-room environment, these standards can be raised to meet the requirements for the clean room classes according to EN-ISO 14644 with specially adapted MEDICAL equipment upgrades. These packages, based on many years of project partnership with renowned manufacturers of injection molded parts with highest standards of hygiene and freedom from foreign particles, are available for the MicroPower, SmartPower and EcoPower machine series. They are supplemented by a comprehensive range of matching WITTMANN robots and peripherals, with which the MEDICAL injection molding machines can be extended to form MEDICAL production cells. It should also be noted that the MEDICAL machines meet all requirements for the production of microscopic to medium-sized electronic components or parts with complex surfaces under clean-room conditions.