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Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (Rescheduled.)-Product list


Product list

  • Hollow Shaft Type Powder Brake

    Description:Electromagnetic powder clutch & brake: 1. Using antifriction, anti-erode super alloy magnetic powder as material. 2. Clutch & brake powder and slide rate is high. It can slide neatly and not arose shake. 3. The coil is covered by red H grade heat resistance material, not easy to burn by lighter. 4. Our bearing is from Japan’s Company, and it can bear up 180 degrees. Some parts of our customized products are also come from Japan.




    Description:Parts and materials have been finalized temperature uniformity special treatment to keep long-term use of, and use anti-H-bearing to ensure a long operating life, high temperature products using Class H coils are enameled and after styling treatment to prolong the life and maintain high stability tension.

  • Optical Rotary Encoder

    Description:MADE IN TAIWAN 38.5mm outer diameter / 6、8mm shaft diameter. Pulse:50 - 2500 P/R Maximum allowable speed:6000 RPM Protection:IP50 / IP65

  • Optical Rotary Encoder

    Description:MADE IN TAIWAN 45.5mm outer diameter / 6、8mm shaft diameter. Pulse:50 - 2500 P/R Maximum allowable speed:6000 RPM Protection:IP50 / IP65

  • Full Roller Type-MSR Series

    Description:The full roller type linear guideway, MSR series, quip with rollers instead of the ball, and therefore the MSR series can provide higher rigidity and loading than the normal type with the same size. Especially suit for the requests of high accuracy, heavy load and high rigidity.

  • Cross Linear Guideway-MSH Series

    Description:Balls roll four rows of raceways precision-ground on a rail and a carriage, and end cap incorporated in the carriage allow the balls to circulate. Since retainer plates hold the balls, they do not fall off even if the rail is pulled out. This model is an integral type of linear guideway that squares an internal structure similar to other model, which has a proven track record and is highly reliable, with another and uses two rails in combination. The two rails are also machined with high precision in relative straightness. As a result, extremely high accuracy in orthogonality is achieved. Since an orthogonal linear guideway system can be achieved with model MSH alone, a conventionally required saddle is no longer necessary, the structure for X-Y motion can be simplified and the whole system can be downsized.

  • COOLING NUT SYSTEM-Direct Passing Type

    Description:The cool nut feature use forced cooling fluid to pass through the nut, which minimize heat generation and thermal expansion during ballscrew operation. 1.Improve Positioning Accuracy and Stability︰Able to control the ball screw temperature, reducing thermal expansion. Hence it is a very helpful design to high precision machines tools. 2.Shorten the Warm-Up Time︰Faster to stabilize the temperature, hence shorten the warm-up time for machine. 3.Maintain the Performance of Lubricating Grease︰It is able to avoid high temperature which leads to lubricant grease quality deterioration.

  • Cross Roller Bearing

    Description:Cross roller bearing are compact bearing with their rollers alternately crossed in a 90゚V groove to each other between inner and outer rings. This design allows just one bearing to receive loads in all directions including radial, axial and moment loads. In addition, bearing roller and track in straight touch operation let bearing can receive large load, low deformation make bearing extend service life. Cross roller bearing achieves high rigidity despite the minimum possible dimensions of the inner and outer rings, it is optimal for applications such as rotating parts of industrial robots , tables of machine centers, precision rotary tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments and IC manufacturing machines, etc .

  • Optical Rotary Encoder

    Description:MADE IN TAIWAN 38.5mm outer diameter / 6mm shaft diameter. Pulse:50 - 2500 P/R Maximum allowable speed:6000 RPM Protection:IP50 / IP65