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Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (Rescheduled.)-Product list


Product list

  • AR series

    Description:The integrated innovative wise technology with reliable Distributed Control System contains higher performance. Software combined with State-of-art window screen to provide smart and instinct object-oriented editing style hybrid switching with simple and popular PLC ladder program editor. His high-speed Ethernet communication network link-up between Humanity Interface and remote devices to displaying the future one-stop control advantages! It can be broadly applied to automated machinery control, such as injection molding extruder machine controllers and equipment

  • Hot Runner Controller

    Description:*Dual SV temperature control *Dual lines LED display *Unit display *Auto / Manual function *PID auto temperature control *Selectable two thermocouple types ( J or K ) *Selectable two temperature scales ( °C or °F ) *Selectable six alarm modes *Selectable two trigger output modes ( Zero cross or phase angle ) *Fuse break indicator *Power frequency auto-detect *Thermocouple break and inverse detect

  • Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller

    Description:1. Wiring Friendly design 2. Easy swapping for individual module failures 3. Compact size, light weight, installed directly on the injection molding machine 4. Automatic ID recognition 5. Fast alternative for 230V / 380V power input

  • Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller

    Description:  The TC5200 multi-cavity hot runner temperature controller features a 26_72 point temperature combination control and multi-machine networking. Maintenance operations can be simplified with its modularized device design and requirement-based configuration. The purchasing costs are greatly reduced by its unique temperature control, with two points within one level.   The GUI based user interface, along with its adjustable perspective angle, is easy for fast adoption in multi- points control. The RS485 communication function enables you to set up multiple controls at once to simplify the required operations. The built-in and practical current sensor and indicator functions benefit various applications, especially automotive, bottle billet injection, and medical supplies, by realizing the concept of one-stop control.

  • Temperature controllers

    Description:* 16bit microprocessor operating core doing PID + Self-tuning * Various options of input signals (thermocouples, RTD, analog signals, etc.) * Main control output can select relay, pulse voltage, linear analog signals * Can drive all types of contactors, SSR, SCR, 3-line proportional motor valve, etc * Can set reverse / forward control (heating or cooling process) * Dual-output models can do cooling / heating two-way PID controlling * Set Value (SV) can employ analog signal input to achieve Remote Set Value setting * 26 types of alarm modes for option _ can be added with broken-line detecting alarm function (HBA) * Re-transmission function can convert Present Value (PV) or controlling output amount into analog signal output for recorder or other applications * Provided with manual output mode * Manual and auto output * Serial communication function supports RTU and ASCII format of Modbus. The Baud rate can reach as fast as 38,400 bit/s * Programmed controlling provides 16 temperature levels whose operating intervals and repeat frequency can be planned freely

  • Hot Runner Temperature Controller

    Description:1.Simple designs 2.LCD display 3.Internal alarm buzzer 4.Built-in NFB switch 5.One-key activated / deactivated standby function 6.Fast alternative for 230V/380V power input 7.Universal standardized chassis for any brand of module

  • Forwell Quick Mold Change System

    Description:Forwell Quick Mold Change System includes mold clamps, control box and power units. Equip them on Injection Molding Machine/Die Casting Machine, your will get below benefits. Direct Benefits: 1. Reduced die change time 2. Diverse products in small lots 3. Reduced inventory 4. Improved productivity and quality 5. Reduced labor costs Indirect Benefits: 1. Die standardization 2. Press standardization 3. Increased safety 4. Prompt delivery 5. Improved shop conditions and environment The Quick Mold Change System is controlled by hydraulic. It’s easy and safe comparing traditional way. Although power is off, the system can keep working for 48 hours. Forwell is the one of well-known manufacture in quick die change system. High quality and best service are our slogan. We assure Forwell is your best choice in the world.

  • Actuator Line

    Description:ONE Series Actuatorline Belt driven linear actuator designed exclusively for Clean Room environments. INTERNATIONAL PATENT PENDING for Series ONE (CLEANROOM CLASSIFICATION ISO 14644-1) The ONE Series linear units are tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation and have clean room ISO 14644-1 or FED STD 209E certification. These linear units are typically used in: Semiconductor manufacturing Pharmaceutical production Biomedical applications Research laboratories Operational areas where contamination would cause production problems or pose a threat to people This result is achieved by the use of a special protection Belt driven that covers the upper longitudinal opening of the aluminium profile even when the carriages are in motion. By putting around 0.8 bar of low pressure on the end heads the particles generated on the inside are sucked out of the linear unit and conducted outside. This system prevents particles escaping into the immediate environment of the linear unit. The materials from which the components inside the linear unit are made are selected to ensure that as few particles as possible are generated. All the lubricants employed are especially suitable for use in CLEANROOMS or VACUUMS.


    Description:EASYLINK is integrate and processes all data of the machine for these functions: 〔Production Monitoring〕 〔Quality Management〕 〔Abnormal Inspection〕 〔Smart Management〕 〔 Work order distribution〕 〔 Electronic report〕 The characteristic of production management, advance the function is include the real-time video monitor, e-mail & LINE notification functions, and machine / operator management, and intelligent management to solve the difficulty of the factory management.

  • Gravimetric system / extrusion control system

    Description:• Faster Product Changes • Continuous Homogeneous Mixing • Increased Regrind Usage • Product Consistency • High Accuracy Dispensing up to 0.01% of batch