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Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show-Product list


Product list

  • Actuator Line

    Description:ONE Series Actuatorline Belt driven linear actuator designed exclusively for Clean Room environments. INTERNATIONAL PATENT PENDING for Series ONE (CLEANROOM CLASSIFICATION ISO 14644-1) The ONE Series linear units are tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation and have clean room ISO 14644-1 or FED STD 209E certification. These linear units are typically used in: Semiconductor manufacturing Pharmaceutical production Biomedical applications Research laboratories Operational areas where contamination would cause production problems or pose a threat to people This result is achieved by the use of a special protection Belt driven that covers the upper longitudinal opening of the aluminium profile even when the carriages are in motion. By putting around 0.8 bar of low pressure on the end heads the particles generated on the inside are sucked out of the linear unit and conducted outside. This system prevents particles escaping into the immediate environment of the linear unit. The materials from which the components inside the linear unit are made are selected to ensure that as few particles as possible are generated. All the lubricants employed are especially suitable for use in CLEANROOMS or VACUUMS.

  • servo pump

    Description:save price

  • Software for Automation of Processing Plastics

    Description:Integrates and correlates data across multiple domains and platforms for unmatched monitoring, control and analytics, Improves operational efficiency, enables predictive maintenance and helps prevent failures, Predicts events and provides alerts based on real-time and historic data Closes the control loop using automated actions and SOPs, Vendor-agnostic for seamless operation with legacy and new systems, assets and sensors

  • KINGSSEL 3D Printer

    Description:Patented Automatic Bed Leveling Technology Robust Structure 5¨ colorful LED Touch screen Patented extruder Quick release nozzle Automatic filament detection Easy Printing Guaranteed High capability/price Ratio Complete service