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Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (Rescheduled.)-Product list


Product list


    Description:The Wooden Effect Masterbatch is applicable for rigid PVC base, single screw extrusion machines. The extruded pattern similar to wooden style and other irregular grain effect can add fine decoration to the products. Merely by adopting our wooden effect masterbatch can compete with wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites ( WPC for short), or compete with Secondary Transfer Printing. As a result, adopting our Wooden Effect Masterbatch can save the cost of the processing. The Masterbatch can be generally used on rigid PVC products, such as door panels, decoration rims and photo frames.

  • TPV Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

    Description:TPV material does not need to be vulcanized in the process, it is easy to process with good performance and coloring, and it has natural rubber advantages of elasticity and durability, and can be combined with PP,PE,EVA or other materials for injection molding, blowing molding and extrusion molding machine in processing. This material is recyclable and environmentally friendly. TPV hardness range: SHORE 25 A _ SHORE 70 D This series complies with EU RoHS regulations.

  • TPU Polyurethane Thermoplastic Elastomer

    Description:The grades of TPU particles (resin) can be simply categorized into: injection grade, extrusion grade, and blowing grade. Some TPU material is molded by particles and some are made of varying thicknesses films for different product applications. TPU can be recycled, coloring, and has high processing efficiency. TPU has been widely used in electronic appliances, the health care industry and footwear, because of easy processing, which it is suitable for extrusion molding and injection molding machines. However, TPU easily absorbs water, if moisture control is not thorough during processing, it will result in poor performance. So drying process is required before manufacturing. TPU hardness range: SHORE 40 A _ SHORE 85 D

  • Thermoplastic elastomer

    Description:The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is similar to rubber, which is good for plastics processing. It is highly elastic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe. It does not need to be vulcanized, and it has excellent coloring, weather resistance and other such properties. Its production process is simple and cost down, and is recyclable. It can be molded with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS or PA (Nylon) through integration or separately.

  • Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

    Description:⚫ The particle size is smaller than tha t of heavy calcium carbonate_ better fineness. ⚫ Better whiteness. ⚫ Less impurities_ high purity. ⚫ The appearance is mainly spindle or spherical shape. ⚫ Good dispersion ⚫ The product is superior, and users could choose the type according to the applicable bulk density and oil absorption.

  • Phosphorescent pigment

    Description:NPC's 6001A is of insoluble phosphorescent pigments with extended afterglow effect for general use in paints, plastics, inks and security applications.

  • Fluorenscent pigment

    Description:Shining under UV light or fluorescent lamp, also reflecting to lighting in dark, NPC's fluorescent pigments are long lasting and high lighting. They can be used for road security and personal safety protection products.

  • PP Pearl Plastic Masterbatch Series

    Description:Pearl Series provide your products have variety fancy colors and quality. They are all kept in stock, so our delivery is fast and no limit of quantity.

  • PC/PBT合金, PC/ABS合金

    Description: Polycarbonates and PBT, the alloy material integrates two material merits--heat-resistance and anti-impact_ the cold-resistance is from -20℃ to + 180℃. The material can be used in the sports ware, electronic parts, motorcycle parts and auto parts, etc., and may be 100% recycled.

  • TPR, TPE

    Description:TPE, TPR: the Hardness ranging from Shore A0 to Shore D64 degrees has an excellent softness, elasticity, and tactility, with which it is applicative in sports appliance, electronic parts, shoe material, mechanic hardware, cans sealing, sunglass accessories, and tool handle, that is the best material to replace the PVC and traditional rubber_ its material can be recycled, with light gravity and without odor. No TPE & TPR shall damages the machine or models. There are particular laminating specification available to combine with the PP, PA (Nylon), PC, ABS, AS, and PMMA (Acrylic).