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Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (Rescheduled.)-Product list


Product list

  • UMF(NLGI.000) JC-8126 Supplementary Grease Cartridge (1L)

    Description:In addition to the UMF replenishment Grease Cartridge, it uses the GM line-in lubrication pump in the river valley, and can replace the 1L replenishment oil tank (Divinol Lithorgrease 000) dedicated to the DMG lubrication pump. The price is also more advantageous than DMG's special Grease Cartridge.

  • Japan NIPPON GREASE food grade grease

    Description: Shípǐn jīxiè rùnhuá zhī shìyòng yú yǔ shípǐn jiēchù de jīxiè bùwèi de rùnhuá. Wèile fángzhǐ wàn yī chūxiàn wài shèn de fēngxiǎn, cóng'ér shèzhìle shípǐn jīxiè yòng de rùnhuá jì guīgé. NIGACE FG No.1 Yǐjīng tōngguò NSF shípǐn jí rùnhuá jì fēnlèi H1 rènzhèng dēngjì de shípǐn jīxiè rùnhuá zhī, jùyǒu yōuxiù de rùnhuá xìngnéng, shìhé shǐyòng yú jízhōng gōng zhī xìtǒng. 顯示更多內容 131/5000 Food machinery grease is suitable for the lubrication of mechanical parts in contact with food. In order to prevent the risk of extravasation, lubricant specifications for food machinery are set. NIGACE FG No.1 has passed the NSF Food Grade Lubricant Classification H1 certification and registered food machinery grease, which has excellent lubricating properties and is suitable for use in centralized grease supply systems.

  • Magnesium Silicates

    • Booth No.: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1)

    Description:Characteristics of Magnesium Silicate It is in the form of white powder and acts as an ion exchanger/catalytic residue remover. It enhances the transparency of wastewater, reduces COD, removes organic matter dissolved in wastewater, decolorizes and precipitates.

  • Eversorb® MP Series

    Description:Everlight Chemical has been committed to developing performance solutions for more than two decades. As the evolving requirements of plastic polymers and to fulfill our customer needs, new series of Eversorb® MP was launched. We provide special functional masterbatches, including the high-gloss black colorant, blue light cutoff, IR barrier, and multiple light stabilizers with various resin carriers. Together we help your PLASTIC more FANTASTIC!

  • Eversorb®UV Absorbers & Light stabilizers for ABS


  • Eversorb®UV Absorbers & Light stabilizers for PA


  • Eversorb®UV Absorbers & Light stabilizers for PP/PE


  • Eversorb® for General Engineering Plastics


  • Eversorb® for Automotive Plastics

    Description:Lightweight design is future trend of automotive industry. High performance plastics are the best way to replace metal substrates. The industry continues to improve the plastic composite materials physical properties to exceed the rigidity of metal substrates, thereby to fulfill lightweight and safety requests of automotive industry. However, plastics are sourcing from polymer which is easy to influenced by outdoor environments. Yellowing, chalking will impact plastics physical properties. Everlight Chemical provides high weather-resistance solutions for automotive plastic parts which will minor change in transparency and initial colors.

  • Chemical adjuvant

    • Hyweb
    • Booth No.: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1)